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--  Skills and Nature Program  -- 

Enrollment Closed

“To raise a nature-bonded child is to raise a rebel, a dreamer, an innovator…

someone who will walk their own verdant, winding path.”

~Nicolette Sowder


The program focuses on building a deeper understanding and connections with the natural world through project-based skill building. All of the crafts we work on have a deeper source or purpose than the object itself. It's all about understanding the relationships things have to one another.


At one point all of our ancestors understood and respected these innate relationships and how to work with them. If you're reading this today, it's because somewhere in your family lineage your ancestors knew how to make these connections.

The ability to understand and apply these skills belongs to everyone. This knowledge is part of our shared and inherited DNA. Our awareness of it just needs to be rekindled. 

Some of the skills we work on include forging metal, carving wood, woodworking, archery, knife skills, tomahawk and hatchet skills, building skills, leather craft, drawing/sketching, journaling, hide tanning, animal processing, hunting, tracking and shelter building.


James Horvath & Sage Taub


Friction fire

Fire building

Sit spots


Campfire cooking

Art drawing/sketching

Nature Hikes/Wanders


Knife care, safety and sharpening


Tomahawk and knife skills

Leather Crafting

Wild foraging

Wood working and carving

Nature games


Animal Processing

Knife making

Shelter building

Awareness skills

Program Dates

$165/Month (9 Payments / September - May)

$200 Deposit upon enrollment


  • The Skills and Nature program meets 30 times between September and May.

  • It is not a drop-in program and requires a full year commitment.

  • Payment can be made by cash, Venmo or Paypal.

  • All materials and a once-per-month lunch (i.e. monthly cooking-a-meal-over-the-fire day) included in tuition.

How to Enroll

Full enrollment requires completion of the following:

  • Online Registration and Agreement form

  • 3 Waivers and Forms

    • General Assumption of Risk Waiver​

    • Covid-19 Waiver

    • Emergency Contact Information

  • Deposit of $200​

--  Currently Not Accepting Enrollment  -- 

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