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Sustainable - Humane - Ethical

Squire Rabbits is a small rabbitry in San Luis Obispo, California. We raise both Silver Fox and Giant Chinchilla rabbits which are both of American origin. We love both of these breeds and chose them, not only for their temperament, beauty and large size, but also to help conserve the breeds, which have both suffered from dwindling numbers and are only recently beginning to recover.

Our breeding program is year-round, and although rabbits have the ability to breed 6-10 times a year, we limit our breeding to 3 times per year. We breed to maintain the highest breed standards and to produce quality meat, pelts and companions. 

Rabbit Sales

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Once we receive the form with the details about what you are looking for we will get in touch with you as soon as possible (whether or not we have rabbits available). Also, If we don't have what you are looking for we are happy to place you on our waitlist or recommend another breeder.

Details on our two breeds
Silver Fox Rabbits

Silver Fox are considered the "teddy bear" of rabbits. They are very docile and gentle in nature. There are many silver fox colors. We breed black, blue and chocolate. Black is currently the only showable color. Their unique fur is extremely dense and long with silvered tips on mature animals. The pelt resembles the pelt of the silver fox in the Arctic.


The silver fox is a large breed weighing between 9 and 12 pounds. They have large litters and are good mothers. Kits can be processed in 12 weeks.

Minimum sale age = 8 weeks


$100 with pedigree*

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla are very docile and easy to handle rabbits. They are among the largest of rabbits with adults weighing between 12 and 16 pounds. They are a meat and pelt breed with very fast growing kits that can be processed as early as 10 weeks. Giant's are a smart, curious and personable breed, and they make excellent companion animals. Does have large litters and are very good mothers. Because of their large size, Giant Chinchilla require large cages - a minimum of 2'X4'  - and they need either solid ground or a stable cage mat.

Minimum sale age = 8 weeks


$125 with pedigree*

*What is a Pedigree?

A pedigree is a diagram that depicts the biological relationships between a rabbit and its ancestry. It is simply an easy-to-read chart that depicts a the characteristic of individual rabbits and shows 4 generations. It can be used to prove that an animal is pure-bred.

Though all of our rabbits are pure-bred, having the pedigree is optional. Animals purchased with pedigree are tattooed and come with the pedigree paper.

More About Squire Rabbits

Raising rabbits for meat, pelts, companionship and enjoyment is something we are passionate about.  It brings us closer to the earth and to what it really means to be carnivores and consumers on this beautiful and bountiful planet. 


After spending many years not thinking much about the source of our meat, our leather apparel and countless other products that contain animal by-products, we now are intimately connected to the source of those products and have a true understanding of what it is required for animals to go from birth to product.


We approach all aspects of raising rabbits with honor and respect: from the way we tend them in life; to dispatching them humanely and courageously; to ultimately honoring the life taken by using all parts. We are deeply grateful for these animals and the gift they have been to our lives. 

Raising rabbits is also very practical and contributes not only to the regeneration of the planet, but also to the continuation of ancestral skills that are teachable, useful and meaningful, especially for self-reliance and self-confidence.

  • Economical  - One buck and two does can provide enough meat for a family of 4 to 6. 

  • Sustainable - Rabbits are low-impact animals with a low feed to meat ratio,

  • Multi-purpose - All parts of the animal can be used.

    • Meat and organs can feed the family and pets.

    • Food goes in and pelleted garden gold comes out in the form of fertilizer.

    • Hides can be tanned and made into garment-quality fur.

  • Healthy - Rabbit meat is a high protein, lean meat.

  • Connecting  - Raising meat as a deeper experience of what it means to be human connects us to our ancestral roots and to the earth.

  • Fun - There are few things on the planet as fun and adorable as baby bunnies.