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Mondays - Ages: 10-15

Location: Crows End in Squire Canyon, San Luis Obispo

5 consecutive Weeks: 9am-3pm

Tuition: $300 per session

Spring Session 2022

Wednesdays, March 9th - April 6th

Enrollment Closed

Summer Camps 2022

Starts July 11 and July 18th

Enrollment opens in March!

Fall Session 2022

September - October dates TBD

Enrollment opens in August

Our Two, 5-day long summer camps make up our Summer Seasonal Session. They will be back to back in July.
Open enrollment begins for both summer camps in April.

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skills & Craft Practices

Sessions can include any of the following

Nature is the classroom and the inspiration. Our group will meet in a private wooded area with the necessary infrastructure for staying dry and comfortable. Fire will warm cold days, shade and light breezes will cool the warm ones. The experience of being in a circle out in nature crafting with our hands connects us to our ancestral roots - to the lived experience of all of our ancestors.​

The program focuses on building a deeper understanding and connections with the natural world through project-based skill building. All of the crafts we work on have a deeper source or purpose than the object itself. It's all about understanding the relationships things have to one another.

Some of the skills we work on include carving wood, friction fire techniques, hand-building ceramics, wood crafting, archery, knife skills, tomahawk and hatchet skills, building skills, leather craft, flint napping, drawing/sketching, hunting, tracking, shelter building, awareness games, story telling and listening.

Students will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the natural world and ancestral arts. This program is recommended for young students who have the maturity to focus and craft for reasonable periods of time and have a passion for deepening their nature skills and connection.


James Horvath & Sage Taub


Friction fire

Fire building

Campfire cooking

Art drawing/sketching

Nature Hikes/Wanders



Knife care, safety and sharpening


Tomahawk and knife skills

Leather Crafting

Wild foraging

Wood working and carving

Nature games

Shelter building

Awareness skills


Soft fiber basketry



Practical Skils

Basic drawing



Program Dates

Proposed dates, subject to change

$300 - Covers the 5 week session and lunches

  • Seasonal Skills Sessions will meet for 5 Mondays in a row.

  • We will meet on Mondays 9 AM - 3 PM

  • We'll hold a session for each season, Winter, Fall, Spring and two 5-day Summer Camp sessions

  • It is not a drop-in program and requires a non-refundable payment of $300 up front to register. 

  • Payment can be made by cash, Venmo or Paypal.

  • All materials and lunch (cooked over the fire as a group) included in tuition.

How to Enroll

Full enrollment requires completion of the following:

  • Online Registration and Agreement form

  • 3 Waivers and Forms

    • General Assumption of Risk Waiver​

    • Covid-19 Waiver

    • Emergency Contact Information

  • $300​ registration/enrollment fee paid in full

--  Currently not Accepting Enrollment -- 

1 - Register Online

Seasonal Skills Sessions Registration and Agreement

Click the button to fill out the online form and submit to complete enrollment.

2 - Complete Waivers and Forms

Read, complete, sign all three forms

PDF forms will need to be printed and either scanned and emailed or mailed. (See below)

General Assumption of Risk Waiver

COVID-19 Waiver

Emergency Contact Information

3 - Submit Forms

Submit forms through email or snail-mail

Snail Mail

James Horvath

Gathering Skills

6430 Squire Court

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

4 - Send Payment

$300 enrollment payment secures a spot

Payment is non-refundable and can be made through cash, venmo or Paypal.





That's It! Thank you for enrolling!

You will receive a confirmation email and more information soon!

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